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ATI is a specialist investment management company.

We are committed to delivering superior investment performance for our clients. We were established in 2009, and have a range of open-ended funds covering global and regional equities, fixed income and multi-asset portfolios.

Our robust investment approach is designed to reduce risk and deliver strong returns. It focuses on identifying those companies that are improving people’s quality of life, driving efficiency in the use of scarce resources and building resilient, prosperous and stable societies because these are the companies that will survive and thrive.

Our experienced and dedicated team of investment professionals actively seek out and invest in high quality businesses with an attractive valuation, robust business fundamentals and strong management teams.

We look for adaptors and innovators that, through their core product offering and the way they manage their operations, are capitalising on change, accessing new opportunities and outperforming their competitors.

We invest in progressive companies that are creating real and lasting value for their shareholders and for society, now and in the future.

Our investment approach is guided by the following principles:


    • We see the bigger picture


    • We listen and we dig deep


    • We know how to integrate values into value


    • We focus on the fundamentals


    • We're here for the long term, today





Alliance Trust PLC

ATI is a subsidiary of Alliance Trust PLC and has an independent management board. Alliance Trust PLC is one of the largest generalist investment trusts by market value listed on the London Stock Exchange, with experience in building investor wealth since 1888. The investment trust is managed by the investment team at ATI in line with our investment approach. To read more about Alliance Trust PLC please visit their website.

All AIFMD disclosures can be found on Alliance Trust PLC website.

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