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image Growth trends for 2017 and beyond

Peter Michaelis, Head of Investment looks at where we see growth trends for 2017 and beyond. These include areas such as medical innovation, transition to lower carbon fuels and the healthy food sector. [...]

image Investment Trends in 2017

Looking ahead to 2017 and putting political uncertainty aside, our investment team still believe that over the long term, investing in high quality business, with attractive valuations and strong business fundamentals is still the best bet and here we want to share with you some interesting investment opportunities for 2017. [...]

image Will Trump kill investment returns for sustainable funds?

Mike Appleby, Investment Manager, addresses the concerns around Trump's potential negative impact on the renewable energy sector and why he still believes ATI is well positioned to navigate these political uncertainties. [...]

image 4 reasons to divest from fossil fuels

Tony Greenham, Head of Finance and Business at RSA, and member of our advisory committee, looks at the demise of fossil fuels in light of the recent COP22 conference in Marrakesh and why from an investment perspective divestment is the only sensible approach to take. [...]

image Investment implications of the Paris Agreement

Mike Appleby, Investment Manager, discusses the investment implications of the Paris Agreement on combating climate change, as it becomes legally binding today. [...]

image COP21: What it means going forward and the effects it will have

Last December world leaders gathered in Paris for the United Nation’s 21st Conference of the Parties and the resulting Paris Accord is the most significant agreement to emerge from any climate conference to date in that it includes the world’s two largest polluters – the US and China – and sets binding carbon emissions targets that will be regularly revised upwards. [...]

image Fossil fuels, divestment, natural gas as a transition fuel and our exposure

We outline some background on the emissions profiles of different fossil fuels, the divestment movement as well as the Sustainable Future funds’ approach, position and very low exposure to fossil fuels. [...]

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Recent insights

Fund in Focus: Monthly Income Bond Fund

Stuart Steven, one of the lead managers of the Alliance Trust Monthly Income Bond fund, explains how the fund delivers a high level of income while keeping risk low and preserving capital [...]

Electric dreams: when will every car be battery powered?

Alex Werbowy, Investment Manager at ATI, investigates how the obstacles currently facing the electric car industry may soon be overcome, presenting a promising investment opportunity [...]

Cyber security: investment opportunities in data defence

Adrien Bommelaer outlines potential investment opportunities in the evolution of the cyber security sector [...]

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