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E-commerce: separating the winners from the losers
Author: Martyn Jones, Investment Analyst
Date: 16 March 2017

Martyn Jones, Investment Analyst, talks about the disruptive force in retailing - e-commerce, which we believe will be a key determinant of success in the future – separating the winners from the losers in an increasingly competitive environment. [...]

E-waste: a growing problem with investment opportunities
Author: Mike Appleby, Investment Manager
Date: 16 February 2017

Mike Appleby discusses the investment opportunities we see in companies providing solutions to the growing problem of electronic waste (e-waste) and how we as investors can help to combat it. [...]

image An impact beyond their size

Peter Michaelis, Head of Investment looks at our Sustainable Future UK Growth fund and the impact of the smaller stocks, which make up the portfolio. [...]

image Fund in focus: Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Corporate Bond Fund

Kenny Watson, Investment Manager, talks about how he delivers strong returns for investors, with his sustainability-focused corporate bond fund. [...]

image Growth trends for 2017 and beyond

Peter Michaelis, Head of Investment looks at where we see growth trends for 2017 and beyond. These include areas such as medical innovation, transition to lower carbon fuels and the healthy food sector. [...]

Multi-Asset Masterclass

In this masterclass a panel of experts discuss how diversification is key to weathering the storms that are agitating financial markets. The expert panel from ATI, Aberdeen Asset Management and Carmignac discusses how investors should best assess political risk alongside economic risk and what it takes to be Trump-proof. [...]

Global Equities Masterclass

In this masterclass on global equities, a panel of experts review global equities in the year to date, what issues were expected throughout the year, the US election, whether to expect a bear market for bonds and equities and give their outlooks for the last quarter of the year. [...]

Brexit: the investment implications Masterclass

In this Masterclass, a panel of experts discuss the investment implications since Brexit and talk about European financials, infrastructure, cutting rates and illiquidity. [...]

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Fund in Focus: Monthly Income Bond Fund

Stuart Steven, one of the lead managers of the Alliance Trust Monthly Income Bond fund, explains how the fund delivers a high level of income while keeping risk low and preserving capital [...]

Electric dreams: when will every car be battery powered?

Alex Werbowy, Investment Manager at ATI, investigates how the obstacles currently facing the electric car industry may soon be overcome, presenting a promising investment opportunity [...]

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Adrien Bommelaer outlines potential investment opportunities in the evolution of the cyber security sector [...]

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