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At ATI, we’re here to deliver superior investment performance for our clients.

In a fast changing world, we actively seek out and invest in high quality businesses that, through their core products and services and their management approach are capitalising on change, outperforming their competitors and creating real and lasting value for their shareholders and for society, now and in the future.

We invest for tomorrow, today.

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Immuno-oncology: a revolution in cancer treatment
Date: 24 August 2016

Simon Clements, investment manager at ATI, examines current developments in cancer treatment where a new therapy is revolutionising our approach to the disease and creating investment opportunities

At ATI we seek out adaptors and innovators as we believe that companies that are providing solutions to societal and environmental challenges will be the ones to thrive over the long term. One area where we are currently seeing exciting innovation is cancer treatment, or oncology, where therapies are being developed that are revolutionising the way in which we think about and treat cancer. Read more >>

Saving for the future

Chris Foster, investment analyst at ATI, examines the radically shifting landscape of retirement saving in the UK and the investment opportunities it contains. Read more >>

Cyber security: investment opportunities in data defence

Adrien Bommelaer, Investment Manager at ATI, outlines potential investment opportunities in the evolution of the cyber security sector. Read more >>

Bank of England action: the ATI view

On Thursday 4 August the Bank of England announced that it would cut its base interest rate from 0.50% to 0.25% - the first time it has altered interest rates since 2009. Read more >>

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